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chappals chappals


At chappals chappals we believe in wabi sabi: perfect imperfection. Because each pair of chappals is carefully crafted by hand, each pair is beautifully unique.

Our ethically handmade leather sandals come to you from India.
The hand-picked leather, timeless style and dependable durability are trademarks of the collection.

Designed for the global wanderer, explorer, traveller and gypsetter alike.

Based out of Vancouver, Canada. 


our styles

Three styles that are transitional and versatile for any look. 
Choose each chappal according to your adventure.

Bali Slides

Handmade leather woven into a criss-cross pattern. These are your go to slides for everything in the city.  Whether you are looking for something comfy to slip on for your morning commute to the gym or a versatile option for your dinner plans, you'll be grabbing these slides every time you step out of the house.


Palawan Slides

Like the Bali slide, but with an intricate pattern. The slides that will catch everyone's eye.  Combining form with function, the simple pattern allows for breathability without compromising style. Take them on your travels abroad. Explore the back roads with them. You might find that you'll be taking them with you on vacation time and time again.



Goa Sandals

When something is classic, you hold onto it that much longer.  These are that classic sandal that will never go out of style.  The toe ring and T-strap design provide both stability and a snugger fit for optimum comfort. You will find that the beach elements will not bend this pair out of shape.  #BeachEssentials